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#SOTD 95: Start with your Why (Universe Simplified Foundation

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This week I'm sharing good storytelling examples from the social development sector in India.

On Monday I profiled Aavishkar, which started its deck with the story of an individual beneficiary, on Tuesday we looked at The Bodhi Tree's use of contrasting visuals, on Wednesday we explored Vidhya Vidhai Foundation's use of the big picture and a simple analogy and yesterday was the stellar example of Milaan Foundation's use of the right metrics and norm-variance.

Today we look at Universe Simplified Foundation - which works on making making inquiry driven STEM Education accessible to all.

USF runs 'innovation hubs' within rural schools and sparks the joy of curiosity-driven inquiry in math and science among children.

When USF Founder Henna Khan started her pitch, she could have started with

- The challenges with traditional education.

- The impact of rote-learning methods on young minds.

- The need for changing deep-rooted mindsets among leaders and policy makers in education.

But instead, she started with a story.

A story from her own life. About how she once came across the book Cosmos by Carl Sagan - and how that instilled a life-long love for astronomy and science in her.

Source: Pitch deck by Universe Simplified Foundation

And how that love was not really nurtured by our rote-learning driven education system.

Henna wanted to ensure children from all backgrounds are able to find that joy and spark in science - and sustain that instead of losing it.

She then went on to describe how USF approaches that goal, which formed the rest of the pitch.

But what remained with me was the image of a young girl reading a copy of Cosmos by Carl Sagan in wide-eyed wonder.

And the desire of that girl to pass on that wonder to others.

Consider starting with your Why - why you chose to found/join your non-profit. It offers a great way for your audience to connect with you.


PS: #SOTD will be taking a break the next week, since I am on holiday!


#SOTD 95


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