Ravishankar Iyer

#SOTD 92: Showing disparity with striking visuals (Bodhi Tree)

published5 months ago
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This week I'm sharing good storytelling examples from the social development sector in India.

Yesterday I profiled Aavishkar which started its deck with the story of an individual beneficiary.

Today we look at Bodhi Tree, which works on education for the underprivileged.


How do you describe the disparity in learning resources between rich and underprivileged children?

You don't write about it, you show it.

In a series of striking images, Bodhi Tree, a Bengaluru based NGO shows us what disparity looks like in the beginning of its pitch video.

Two key principles that stand out:

- Each picture uses the principle of contrast.

- All together are simple and evocative examples of the 'Show don't just tell' principle.

#SOTD 92


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