Ravishankar Iyer

#SOTD 99: Perspective can solve all wars (Tim Urban and Carl Sagan)

published18 days ago
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The big global news in the last couple of weeks has been the revelations from NASA's new James Webb telescope.

Folks have been agog over its stunning images. For instance check out the last 10 seconds of the video in this tweet.

But the reaction that caught my eye was a thought-provoking one by Tim Urban, writer of the hugely popular 'Wait But Why' blog.

If that was an insightful tweet, I liked the following response (attributed to the great Carl Sagan) even more - a great example of 'show, don't just tell'

Looking at things from the biggest possible picture is a great way to to put things in perspective.

It is even better if the thought is illustrated with a striking visual.

#SOTD 99


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