#SOTD 74: A simple data story in the Economic Times

publishedover 1 year ago
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I was recently at a client office when my eyes fell on the Economic Times paper. An info-graphic on the front page caught my attention.

I smiled. "That'll make a nice #SOTD, I thought"

Here's the story:

I noticed the following data-storytelling techniques used:

  • Clear messages on the top - at the entire story level and also above each graph
  • The story uses a simple flow:
    • What happened?
    • Why has it happened? (some theories)
    • What are the implications?
  • The graphs are simple and easy to understand
  • The story uses ellipsis (...) between messages to connect them

#SOTD 74


PS: Here is the context for #SOTD and the 'Ultimate Guide to Storytelling Techniques' framework I use - in case you joined this series late! Here is the archive of previous posts. Click here to subscribe.

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