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#SOTD 61: Finding unusual connections (and contrasts)

published7 months ago
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So what's common between:

- Elon Musk’s $44B bid to takeover Twitter, and

- A lady called Prem Kumari from Chittorgarh, Rajasthan who wants to expand her farming activities?

On the face of it, you might say, nothing!

Oh but there is. Both needed loans to support their needs.

It’s a commonality that was spotted by NK Ramakrishna of Rang De, a Peer to Peer Lending platform. In a recent viral LinkedIn post, Ram first starts with the Elon Musk reference:

What is Ram doing here? He’s starting with something topical - a starting "Point A" for the story which the audience can connect with.

And then he introduces Prem Kumari’s story - (and builds some mystery as to why and how it is connected with the Musk one):

He then resolves the mystery with contrast - between Musk's and her story.

He ends the story with a happy resolution - that Prem Kumari managed to raise funds at 6% interest.

(Of course it would have been nicer to know how she benefitted from the loan - maybe that can be part 2 of the story!)

When telling the story of impact:

- Combine the micro (individual user story) with the macro (overall stats).

- Make your audience care by sharing what is the impact on the user's life

- Use contrast

#SOTD 61


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