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#SOTD 100: A nudge for hand-washing (Indigo Airlines)

published17 days ago
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A note on #100! πŸŽ‰ 🎊

Well what do you know?! That went by fast!
When I started the #SOTD series in early-February this year, I was sceptical whether I could keep up the pace of putting out one post every day. Barring a couple of weeks when I was on leave, I've surprised myself by managing to do that!
I'm glad I pushed myself and am super grateful for your constant encouragement and feedback!

Now I'm not in this for the numbers - the way I look at this, I'm building a learning resource on storytelling for the long term.
Having said that, #100 is a special milestone for me... and I want to use it to pause, hit refresh and recharge.
​So I will be taking an indefinite break from the daily #SOTD now - think of it as the end of Season 1. :)​
I will be reflecting on how to take this initiative forward going ahead... whether in a similar form or in a new avatar.
I look forward to coming back with a new Season sometime soon!
Meanwhile here's #SOTD 100: A cool note that I found, of all places, in an Indigo flight washroom!

A nudge to get you to wash your hands well

I was in an Indigo flight recently and came across this note in the washroom.

I loved it!

So, it starts off with a bit of contrast in the writing.

...Some people think that's too long.
But it's not.

Then there's some whimsical, cute writing that was probably written by a whimsical, cute person! (And not by some corporate PR agent or an AI).

It speaks about imaginary friends and procrastination and parallel universes and rock-paper-scissors!

And then it ends with a neat line - making the audience realise that if they read this note while washing their hands, they have done their required 20 seconds!

And guess what - that line brought a smile to my face. Now that's not something that happens too often with messages written in an airline washroom.

Good storytelling can be used anywhere - from boardrooms to bathrooms! The next time you step into any space, keep your eyes peeled for such examples.

On that note, it's goodbye for now!

#SOTD 100



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